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Advisory Board Services

Typical Advisory Board Services of SJR Associates, LLC


  • Negotiate contract with selected venue

  • Coordinate on-site details with the selected venue

  • Prepare invitation letter

  • Prepare meeting agenda

  • Prepare attendee response (RSVP) form

  • E-mail/Fax the above

  • Track responses (provide regular updates to the client)

  • Send 2nd and 3rd invitations if no response to original

  • Call invited attendees if no response to e-mail/fax

  • Prepare name tend cards

  • Prepare name badges (if required)

  • Prepare and distribute honorarium checks at the conclusion of the meeting (Note: these are brought to the meeting and distributed on-site).

  • Provide an on-site laptop computer and 2000 lumen data projector   

  • Provide on-site logistical support

  • Prepare a moderators guide outlining appropriate questions of attendees

  • Lead off the meeting, handle introductions

  • Moderate the meeting, maintain flow and asking questions, soliciting feedback

  • Providing meeting close and obtaining final comments

  • Prepare and distribute a post meeting evaluation/survey

  • Collect and tabulate the post meeting evaluation/survey

  • Send the post meeting evaluation/survey to the client within 1-2 days after the meeting

  • Prepare and send billing/invoicing for the meeting

  • Produce and mail IRS required 1099 forms at year end to attendees per IRS regulations

  • Arrange flights and airline ticketing (if required)

  • Arrange airport transportation (if required)

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